Build Your Business Legacy

Why have a valuation?

Conducting a thorough valuation of a business or other enterprise is critical to successful results. All too often, business valuation “experts” use a simple rule-of-thumb formula to do so, but this can lead to critical errors and misinformation. As such, the process of conducting a valuation of a closely-held business requires a comprehensive look at every aspect of a company in addition to the consideration of economic, industry, and other outside factors that could potentially increase or decrease an entity’s value. Satisfactory business valuation engagement involves the ability to account for great complexities and nuances, thus calling for a true business valuation expert who is properly trained and holds applicable appraisal qualifications.

The Vine Group’s certified valuation experts utilize professional valuation standards that will stand up to scrutiny, even in a courtroom. Done correctly, comprehensive business valuations not only give you help in determining a fair price for your business, but will also help you understand the factors impacting the value of a business — and what options can be leveraged to maximize value. 

Why choose The Vine Group?

The Vine Group is not a “business broker” and therefore, not geared toward getting a transaction done. We are geared toward ensuring you achieve your objectives and get the results you want. Through the process of planning your transition, it may be determined that taking a few small, strategic steps over time will help the end result be more beneficial. We will help you make these types of decisions. A business valuation report will become an invaluable tool for your business now and for future transitions.