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Transaction Support and Strategic Services 

for Transformational Events

The Vine Group offers buy-side and sell-side support along with strategic advisory services specific to clients’ needs and objectives. Nothing is boilerplate or pre-determined. We won’t try to fit you into a pre-determined, out-of-the box plan — you will get a unique, customized experience from The Vine Group.


Selling a Business - The Vine Group
Sell-Side Services

We want to ensure you are able to effectively monetize the maximum value from your business, while mitigating any risks that come with it. This includes any disruption to the ongoing operations while we work through the process alongside you.

Buy Side Service - The Vine Group
Buy-Side Services

We are 100% focused on getting you the results you want. We will dig deep to determine the financial and operational health of a target business — identifying issues prior to an offer, giving you the confidence to make the right purchase at the right price.

Pre & Post Acquisition - The Vine Group
Pre & Post Acquisition

Our CFO services are coupled with our strategic transactional hands-on involvement to provide both sellers and buyers with the support they need. Don’t worry, we don’t ride off into the sunset once the transaction is done — we are will you for the long haul. Once a client, always a client.

How Can We Support You?
Make the Most of Transformational Events

Successful transaction and strategic event navigation are created by efficient coordination of expert and knowledgeable resources. Knowledge, clear communication, deliberate action, and “staying the course” will help you maximize and protect the value of your business.