Build Your Business Legacy


with Pre & Post Event Services

Our strategic CFO services are coupled with hands-on involvement to provide both sellers and buyers with support for potential mergers and acquisitions.

For Sellers

For sellers, we conduct an initial review of financial results, systems and processes to identify weak points in valuation and areas of operational improvement. Don’t worry, we won’t just point out the issues. We will also propose a plan for executing the fixes and show you how the fixes will affect your valuation.

For interested parties, high-level financial reviews are often the first process, even before an offer is made. Having a solid, easy-to-understand financial package as the first impression for a buyer provides them trust and confidence to move forward with further discussions.

If the buyer is not sure they can afford it, not to worry, we have the ability to help the buyer obtain financing and structure the deal to work well for both sides.

For Buyers

For buyers, we conduct reviews of accounting and financial reporting, key financial personnel assessments and overall systems review with our focus on how they will serve your specific goals.

Areas of risk and opportunity are identified along with potential impacts and a proposed project plan.

Buyers benefit from having a strong start to capitalize on the investment they just made while also having the confidence of understanding the financial elements of a new business.

We have seen all the pitfalls of a bad transition. Let us help you avoid those costly mistakes. Our processes are designed to enable the company to run these processes on their own while providing timely and actionable information.